G.O. Board

Why make a G.O. Board Commitment?

The giving opportunities in the grid below go ABOVE & BEYOND the parish budget. If you would like to give to any of the needs below click HERE to give online or on the "Donate now" link below the grid.

If you would like to pay with check or cash, please stop by the parish office, Monday-Friday between 8:30am and 5pm. You can also mail in a check or cash, but please be sure to send a note notifying us of which item you'd like your donation to go towards.

Questions or concerns, call us at: 316.682.4557 or email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Thank you for prayerfully considering these giving opportunities.




Image result for traeger grill images Traeger Smoker for the Priests to use for Feasts with the Fathers 

approx $499 incremental amounts are welcome

Laptops for Parish Office 

Donor Discretion -Incremental amounts welcomed! ($733.78/laptop)





Redcat Mic Batteries Primary Teachers Mics aren't holding a charge

$9/battery 6  


HDMI to VGA adapter Needed for two teachers' Document Cameras along with two to have on hand

$6.99/adapter 4  


HDMI to HDMI Cord 25 ft Teacher's Document Camera 

$13.09/cord 2  


Surge Protector Teacher's needs to be replaced 

$30.28 1  


NEC M283X DLP projector - 3D Replacement for school classroom

$389 1  


Extra Lamp for new projectors Backup for school classrooms

$112.71 1  


HDMI to HDMI Cord 50 ft Needed item for classroom

$17.99 1  


Additional Wifi Access Points Upgrade Needed in MS basement & Intermediate hallway

Donor Discretion -Incremental amounts welcomed! ($1,729.25/access point)



Teacher Laptops (Incl. Bag) Rotating need for teachers

Donor Discretion -Incremental amounts welcomed! ($733.78/laptop)



TK Set up 

$100 4  


Flash Drive

$152.50 1  


Sponsor the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby at Blessed Sacrament. Seeking help with funds to pay cost of track rental and supplies for pinewood derby

$50 3  


Sponsor a Scout in need! Sponsor a scout in need by paying or one year of registration

$60 unlimited  


Kansas Flag-Donate to scouts to help buy a Kansas Flag for various ceremonies

Donor Discretion 1  


Standing/Sitting Adjustable Computer Stand & Keyboard

Donor Discretion (cost $146) 1 Purchased but seeking monetary donations to offset cost.
   Gift cards---gas or restaurants for CYO student perks  Donor Discretion ($5-$10 cards)    
  Flag Frame- Pre-purchased frame for certificate and flag honoring Mom's group with combat mission flown by Jeff Mrazik. Donor Discretion (cost $80) 1 Purchased but seeking monetary donations to offset cost.


Scholarship Fun for Alphabet Phonics a program to help students struggling with learning to read Donor Discretion unlimited  

Donate Now!

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