G.O. Board

Why make a G.O. Board Commitment?

The giving opportunities in the grid below go ABOVE & BEYOND the parish budget. If you would like to give to any of the needs below, click "Commit Now" to open a donation form or on the "Donate now" link below the grid. Thank you for prayerfully considering these giving opportunities.





Sponsor the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby at Blessed Sacrament. Seeking help with funds to pay cost of track rental and supplies for pinewood derby

$50 3  


Sponsor a Scout in need! Sponsor a scout in need by paying or one year of registration

$60 unlimited  


Kansas Flag-Donate to scouts to help buy a Kansas Flag for various ceremonies

Donor Discretion 1  


Standing/Sitting Adjustable Computer Stand & Keyboard

Donor Discretion (cost $146) 1 Purchased but seeking monetary donations to offset cost.


Binders for Christ Life Series Class

 Donor Discretion (cost $200) 100 Purchased but seeking monetary donations to offset cost.
   Gift cards---gas or restaurants for CYO student perks  Donor Discretion ($5-$10 cards)  unlimited  

Flag Frame- Pre-purchased frame for certificate and flag honoring Mom's group with combat mission flown by Jeff Mrazik.

Donor Discretion (cost $80) 1


Purchased but seeking monetary donations to offset cost.



Scholarship Fun for Alphabet Phonics a program to help students struggling with learning to read.

Donor Discretion unlimited  

Church Cleaning

Help others clean sacristy, adoration chapel, bathrooms & sanctuary. Saturdays at 8:00 AM. Report to sacristy.





Families, women, and men welcome!

Adoration Chapel/Holy Hour

commit 1 hour per week with our Lord in Blessed Sacrament's Perpetual Adoration Chapel.

__ 1 hr/wk Day and time of your choice OR see bulletin for most urgent times.

Donate Now!

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