Disciple Maker Index Survey

Live Now! Through March 5 of 2018, we are asking you to help measure our progress and yours by participating in a follow-up Disciple Maker Index survey.  As a way to assist our new pastor, Fr. Andrew Heiman, in serving the spiritual needs of the parish, we are inviting everyone to take the parish survey.  This survey was conducted some four years ago to begin our Parish Priority Plan.  It is now time to measure the fruit of the Lord's work and to provide Fr. Andrew with a baseline in pastoring the parish. You can take the survey HERE.


Thank you for your interest and participation in our Parish Priority Plan!


In 2015, Blessed Sacrament embarked on a journey to learn more about how our parish might better serve the spiritual needs and desires of parishioners. In collaboration with the Catholic Leadership Institute and its Disciple Maker Index survey, we asked parish members to reflect on their spiritual growth and discipleship, and to identify ways the parish could help them more fully live a stewardship way of life.


Based on parishioners’ responses to that survey, we identified three priorities for our parish – all focused on helping each member grow in his or her personal plan for holiness and quest to become a disciple of Christ. Our priorities are:


      Cultivating Our Spiritual Life

 This priority aims to encourage those habits that lead us to experience the deep joy of encountering the Lord through a better prayer life.


      Living the New Evangelization

 The goal of this priority is to equip Blessed Sacrament parishioners with the skills needed to share their faith in an inviting and compelling way.


      Enhancing Our Sunday Mass Experience

 Creating conditions for the faithful to more powerfully encounter the Lord at our parish Masses is the goal of this priority.


Throughout the past two years, we have focused our resources and efforts on addressing these priorities. From offering additional Masses, retreats, book groups, and Scripture study groups, to providing worship aids like MagnifiKid and “Welcome to Our Church” booklets, and focusing on music at Sunday Masses, we have begun to make progress toward our priorities. We also recognize that more work is yet to be done.

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