Preparing our Hearts this Lent

Your children are growing and learning each day...Their prayers are precious! We pray for grandpas and grandmas, cats with crooked tails, new games, little brothers and sisters, ouches with bandaids, our hands, eyes, ears, and each other.  When I ask the children if they want to thank God for something or if they want to ask for a special intention, they each choose something special!  It's a favorite part of our days.  

We are preparing for bike day by earning our driver's license.  That means knowing our address, phone number, and birthdate!  We are excited about our Dr. Seuss pajama party coming up Thursday evening.    Please continue reading, rhyming, and counting every day!  

Blessings, Annette 

Mrs. Lisa Kuchinskas

Mrs. Lisa Kuchinskas
Preschool Aide

Blessed Sacrament Catholic School

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