It's a new year!

This time of year is always a joy! 

It is full of anticipation, new boxes of crayons, new shoes that run fast and may even light up, and the wonder about where we sit on the rug during story-time. 

It can also be a time of high emotions, melt-downs, and unexpected stubborn attitudes. 

As parents, you can best prepare your child for the upcoming school year by spending some extra time listening to your child about what they are excited about and what they may be concerned about. Your reassurance and comfort will be a gift to them.  Remind them that they will get to play, sing, paint, explore the playground, listen to stories, and meet someone new while they are at school.  Also remind them that Mrs. Saunders and Mrs. K will be with them each day and that these teachers love them and want the BEST for each child.   

We will be meeting soon!  Some dates to remember...Wednesday, Aug. 16th and Friday, Aug. 18th Meet and Greets in the preschool classroom

Monday August 21 is our first day of school for both morning and afternoon classes. 

Blessings, Annette

Mrs. Lisa Kuchinskas

Mrs. Lisa Kuchinskas
Preschool Aide

Blessed Sacrament Catholic School

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