Taking Care of Books (that don't belong to you!)

Already this year we have had several books turned in that are damaged to the point that we must replace them or delete them. This breaks my heart! I love books, all books, and take very good care of the books I own. I hate to see any books dropped, left open, put on the floor, or get wet. 

I had a book that I bought on vacation that I thought was the funniest book I had ever read. I woke my hostess up one night reading it! I got home and loaned it to my best friend, whom I dearly love. She took it and read it, and told me how much she enjoyed it. When she returned it, it was wrinkly and obviously had been wet. SHE READ IT AT THE SWIMMING POOL!! I trust my dear friend with my children, but I will never loan her another one of my books!

Parents, our budget is very limited. I am very careful with what I spend on books here. Please help your student take good care of them. This means not putting the books in the same bookbag/backpack as a water bottle.  Even if you can separate the pages without tearing them, those books that have been wet are the ones that smell bad after the summer. Please be mindful.  

Along this vein, we ask that you pay for a book rather than replace it.  We generally purchase our books from publishers who print for library circulation. The difference in these books is the same difference in the quality of school uniforms and the shorts or shirts that you buy at K-Mart. 


Thank you for your help and understanding in taking care of our books.  

Access the Library from Your Home!

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Remember this?

Because our circulation is online now, you and your student have the opportunity to access our card catalog in your pajamas! You can see what books we own, what is checked out, even what is checked out to your student!

Intermediate students have been learning how to logon and access their records this past week. If you have any questions about logging on and checking your child's checkouts, please call me here. I am happy to answer any questions you might have as I am able to do so. 

The web address to check on books is :  www.bscs.follettdestiny.com

The website to check for AR quizzes is:  www.arbookfind.com

I just found out that we can request quizzes be made for books that do not have quizzes already written. Please do so for any book that is not a new publication. Newly-released books, especially series books, will have a quiz written and published within about 10 days from the release date. Suggestions for older books are encouraged (by us!).

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