At the end of the first quarter, the third grade celebrated with Flashlight Friday. We turned the lights off, used our flashlights, made tents, and read for about an hour. It was a great adventure! We might get to try it again next quarter. 

We are also studying landforms, weather, animals, sentences, subjects, predicates, and reviewing prayers. One of our favorite activities on Friday is Lectio Divina where we discuss the Gospel for Sunday. It is such a great preparation for Mass on Sunday.

See you at conferences!

Reading with a Flashlight

Third Grade Salutes the Flag

On September 8, 1892 the Pledge of Allegiance was first published in a children's magazine. We read about it in our Scholastic News. We celebrated by saying the Pledge by our outdoor flag.

We are doing great things in third grade. We took our first Social Studies test on Friday and our first Science test is next Friday. We will have Science outside on Monday to learn about erosion. Soon we will be planting seeds to learn about plants. 

In Religion, we have talked about Abraham, Ruth, and David. Next week, we will talk about Mary and learn to say the Rosary. Each week, on Friday we listen to the Gospel for Sunday. A phrase has been chosen for us to discuss and draw a picture about how it relates to our lives. We are learning to use Lectio Divina to grow deeper in our faith. The really great thing is that when we hear the Gospel when we go to Mass at Blessed Sacrament we are familiar with the reading and it means more to us. 

Our Math class has us working on place value and rounding numbers to the tens place and soon the hundreds place. We are learning to use Scoot, place value pockets, expanded cards, and place value dice to practice these skills. Ask your third graders about these activities.

Our Reading stories are about respect and helping us to practice inference, nouns, and verbs.

Welcome 2017


I would like to send a warm welcome to you for the 2017-18 school year!  Third grade is an exciting and challenging year.  We have fun activities to enhance our learning experience this year.


Please read over the packet that was sent home at Open House for pertinent information that you will need this year.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.  The best way is to jot a note in your child's Agenda or email me.


I'm really excited for this year in particular because nearly half of my students are siblings that I've had in the past!!  For those that don't know me here are a few things about me:

*I love teaching!

*this is my 23rd year teaching...all at Blessed Sacrament

*my husband and I have 3 kiddos...Jonathan and Libbi are

  juniors at KSU and Emma is a junior in high school


I look forward to meeting and getting to know each of you and your child/children this year!


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