We are finished with Math and Reading State Assessments! We have one big Religion test left which we will take next week.

In Math, we are studying all types of graphs. In Reading, we are discussing animals and their adaptations. In Social Studies, we are learning how to be good citizens. In Religion, we are reviewing for our big test, studying the Glorious Mysteries, and discovering how the Church began after the Resurrection.

In Science, we are looking at clouds, the water cycle, and weather. The kids should be keeping a weather chart where they are recording each days' weather. That is due May 8. We had a fabulous week after Easter with Peeps. We built a Peeps Protector, and a catapult with pencils and rubber bands. Then we shot Peeps, tootsie rolls, pennies, and jelly beans. It was fun to see which would go the farthest.

We end the year with our trip to Cowtown. That will be May 19. We look forward to a Magnificent May!


Third graders finished our chapter on wheat farming by making homemade bread. We had many parents to help as each student was able to take home a loaf of bread. We saw a video on harvesting wheat in Kansas and also how the wheat is used to make hosts for the Eucharist.

We are taking an all day trip to CityArts and will make 4 art projects. The projects tie in with our standards and it is a super fun day.

On Valentine's Day, we celebrate with our grandparents. We will spend the afternoon playing Bingo with our grandparents and other older members of the parish. Everyone goes home with a great prize. Thanks again to our wonderful parents who come out to get everything ready for a fantastic day.


Both third grades joined together for Flashlight Friday. We spent time reading in the dark with flashlights and blankets. It was an extended version of DEAR time and we loved it.


We presented our animal projects this week and they are wonderful! You can tell how hard the kids worked and how much they learned.

We have been working on growing closer to God this Advent by talking about little things we can do to help others and how everything we do can be a prayer.

We will continue our study of fractions after Christmas and add a new set of times tables each week. Please practice at home. The study of weather in our Reading book has been fascinating. In Social Studies, we will talk about wheat farming and have our bread baking adventure. It is one of our favorites.

Merry Christmas to all of you and have a safe, happy holiday!

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