Perpetual Adoration and Adoration Substitute

Perpetual Adoration began at Blessed Sacrament in 1983, under the direction of Father Bieberle. The Blessed Sacrament is exposed 24 hours a day, every day of the year, except Good Friday through Holy Saturday. The chapel is open to everyone, any time of day, for any length of time, but someone must be with our Eucharistic Lord at all times.

Individuals and families can commit to one hour each week on an ongoing basis, or two or more families/persons may share an hour if a weekly commitment is not possible. Names can also be added to the substitute list.

Hours with special needs are as follows:

SUNDAY: John Hammans, 209-7588
Partner: 12-1AM; 3-4AM; 4-5AM

MONDAY: Mike Holladay, 304-5744   
Partner: 2-3AM; 3-4AM; 4-5AM; 10-11AM; 11AM-12PM; 1-2PM

TUESDAY: Amy Rishell, 390-1700   

WEDNESDAY: Steve Freach, 619-7486
Urgent: 1-2AM; 3-4AM

THURSDAY: Rose Kuhlman, 684-2893 
Partner: 10-11AM; 1- 2PM; 6-7PM

FRIDAY: Peggy Suniga, 737-3618 
Urgent: 2-3AM; 11AM-12PM; 1-2PM; 2-3PM; 4-5PM

SATURDAY: Pat Harter, 683-6610 
Partner: 2-3AM; 3-4AM; 9-10AM; 10-11AM; 12PM-1PM; 1-2PM; 8-9PM; 9-10PM; 10PM-11PM

Please note, any hour is available to you to adore

To sign up for an hour, click THIS LINK!

Contact Information

Name Angie Holladay
Phone 633-6776

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