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Perpetual Adoration

Christ is waiting for you in the Adoration Chapel every hour of every day.  You can always count on HIM to be waiting for you.  Do you have a hour that you have committed to each week?  Can He count on you to be be with Him?  

SUNDAY: John Hammans, 684-8384   
MONDAY: Mike Holladay, 304-5744  
TUESDAY: Amy Rishell, 390-1700   
WEDNESDAY: Steve Freach, 619-7486 
THURSDAY: Rose Kuhlman, 684-2893 
FRIDAY: Peggy Suniga, 737-3618
SATURDAY: Pat Harter, 683-6610

Questions? Contact our Perpetual Adoration Coordinator, Angie Holladay at 633-6776

To sign up for an hour, click THIS LINK!

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