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St. Vincent de Paul

Our Weekend Kids’ Food Program received a huge windfall courtesy of St. Catherine of Siena Parish, in the form of 170 full bags of weekend kids’ snacks ready to be distributed, plus many extra boxes of snacks!  St. Catherine held a Catholic youth camp and the 275 young people were asked to bring snacks to help put together bags, along with a card.  St. Catherine also donated a similar amount of food to St. Anne Parish. 


We have a specific need; people who would be willing to occasionally help us assist clients when they are moving into a new apartment.  We need people willing to physically help move, and especially who are willing to provide pickup trucks for the move.  The moves aren’t usually too difficult, as most of our clients don’t have much furniture, but with our access to only a few trucks, the moves are more challenging.  Thanks to those who are currently helping!  


God bless all those who donated food or helped cook/serve the hot breakfast at St. Anthony’s Family Shelter yesterday.  This is the only hot breakfast these folks receive in a given month. The majority of those at the Shelter at any given time are children. It is always rewarding to see their faces when they are served a plate of hot pancakes with their favorite toppings, bacon, eggs, etc.


We had a huge turnout last Sunday (6/18), for the homeless luncheon. Parishioners donated over 200 cans of pop/soda as a special treat for Father’s Day. Approximately 200 homeless and poor people enjoyed “Mexican-food bowls”. 


Thanks to everyone who is helping by delivering Meals On Wheels! We have heard from Senior Services that the recipients of meals on the weekend are the ones most in need, so you are providing an important service.


Also, thanks to the SVdP volunteers who delivered meals to homebound Parishioners on June 17 so that those Parishioners could join with everyone celebrating the Blessed Sacrament Parish festival. We are a family!

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