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St. Vincent de Paul

Welcome Deacon Jimmy Schibi  to Blessed Sacrament, and we look forward to meeting you!


We served taco bowls, oranges and cookies to those in need this past Sunday, May 21.  Thanks to everyone who donated oranges, toilet paper, napkins, forks, chips, etc.  One family donated a $50 Sam’s card to help offset the cost of the food!  The number we served was particularly large due to the beautiful weather. One of the families who came through the line was a young mother with six children.  It is always thought provoking to see Blessed Sacrament children serving the poor children, knowing that our kids will most likely have a much easier life.  It is also heart-warming to see our young people helping the less fortunate in their time of need.


Our CYO donated 50 blessing bags which were handed out at the homeless luncheon.  The bags included water, Chapstick, snacks, toilet paper, etc., and they were very much appreciated by the recipients.


The food of the month for June for the Weekend Kids’ Food Program is packaged fruit snacks. Donations can be dropped off in the Parish Office entryway drop box. 


Letters are being sent to the parents of families on the weekend kids food program, to see if the family needs the weekend food delivery to continue through the summer months.  Please respond so we can plan for the summer months. 


With summer just around the corner, if you go on vacation and spend any time in a motel or hotel, you might consider saving the unopened shampoo, soap, etc. placed in rooms for convenience.  We will either hand out these items at the monthly homeless luncheon or we can save them for the hygiene drive coming later this summer.


Weekend “Meals on Wheels” deliveries are being scheduled for June.  This is a great opportunity to do something as a family. More details to come.

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