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I pray that the Christmas season was a time of great blessing for each of you. We at Blessed Sacrament have a great tradition of offering books to every parishioner at Christmas and Easter as a way of continuing to grow in formation together as a parish. Hopefully everyone received a copy of Dr. Edward Sri’s book, A Biblical Walk Through the Mass, which was given out at all of the Masses on Christmas as part of our parish book program. If you did not receive one but would like to, you can still stop by the parish office and grab a copy.

I am especially excited for A Biblical Walk Through the Mass not just because it is very well written, but because the topic is of such immense importance. According to Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Eucharist is the “Source and Summit of the Christian life.” If you want to grow closer to God, if you want to grow in holiness, if you want to be a better Catholic-Christian and be a better example for your children, there is no better place to start than by forming a closer connection with the Mass.  The Eucharist is an unlimited source of grace which is offered to each person every time that they receive it. However, not everyone receives the same amount of grace from the Eucharist, not because of a lack in the Eucharist, but because of a lack in the capacity of the receiver. It’s as if everyone coming forward to receive the Eucharist is coming to an infinite river of grace, but some people are carrying thimbles, some are carrying cups, some buckets etc. and so they walk away with different amounts of grace from the source. But there is a way to increase the amount of grace that you take with you from the Mass— by having a better understanding of what is going on and by being able to participate more fully you will increase what you take away from the Mass. I can only imagine what will happen if an entire parish comes to a better understanding of the Mass and grows in holiness together as a family.

Not only have we given this book out so that everyone has a chance to read it on their own, but we also have many opportunities to help you really dive into this book and get the most out of it. One of the best ways to do that is to join one of our book study groups that meet on a regular basis throughout the week to go over the book together. You can find out more about the book study groups on the parish website or by calling the parish office. I will also be offering a one-night class on A Biblical Walk Through the Mass on Wednesday, January 27th from 7:00-8:00pm in Bishop’s Hall. This class will focus on really coming to understand the scriptures from which we get the Mass. Finally, we have Dr. Edward Sri coming to lead our parish mission on A Biblical Walk Through the Mass on February 21st and 22nd. This is sure to be a very enriching time of learning and grace. I hope that you are able to participate in some of these formation opportunities and I pray that this book is able to make a deep impact on your faith and draw you closer to Our Lord Jesus Christ through the Mass.

In Christ through Mary,

Fr. Curtis 

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