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I was greatly stuck by Pope Francis' homily at the Easter Vigil in Rome (I read it on The Pope App). The Pope preached on the power of the Resurrection for the here and now. These are the words that were anointed for me: "We see and will continue to see problems both within and without. They will always be there. But tonight it is important to shed the light of the Risen Lord upon our problems, and in a certain sense, 'evangelize' them."  The Pope had me at the word evangelize. Since that homily several weeks ago, I have been thinking about how the New Evangelization applies to everything. If we can evangelize our problems we can evangelize anything that life has to offer. 

This brings me to my main topic, money. If you would ask any priest, what is the topic that you dislike preaching about the most, nearly all would say money. Personally, I would rather preach on anything else than money as the topic of money has a way of infuriating people. I once visited with a priest who shared with me how a parishioner had complained that he only spoke about money in his homilies. I asked him how many times have you spoken about money this year? Once, he replied.

Well, after hearing the Pope's homily on the Resurrection and the possibility of even "evangelizing" our problems, I thought, we need to evangelize the topic of money. When the Pope speaks of evangelizing our problems he means to bring God's presence and perspective to the problem. It is a faith approach. Accordingly, when I say that we need to evangelize money, I mean to look at money from God's perspective with the eyes of faith.

My desire to write about the topic of evangelizing money was confirmed for me after reading the Pop's homily from Holy Thursday at the Chrism Mass (yup, The Pope App - by the way, did you know our parish has an app? The app role out will be in May, but you can already download it; super cool. If you do a search for Blessed Sacrament, it is the app with the red background created by Solutio, or click here.). The Pope stated, "We are oppressed, not by threats and pressures, like so many poor people, but by the allure of a thousand commercial advertisements which cannot shrug off to walk ahead, freely, along paths that lead us to love our brothers and sisters." Wow, commercialism can oppress us and "we cannot shrug" it off. In my mind, evangelizing means greater freedom and happiness. Sure, I want some of that for all of us.

In light of the need and opportunity to "evangelize" money I am happy to inform you that Father Andrew Kemberling will be visiting Blessed Sacrament next weekend and will be preaching at all oft the Masses. He is one of the most sought after speakers on stewardship living in the US and hi special area of expertise is bringing the gospel message to an area that concerns us all deeply, our money.


Ad majorem Dei gloriam,

Father John F. Jirak


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