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Hello Everyone,

Well, it is a sad fact, but our summer is almost over! School will be starting soon.  

When I was in grade school I can remember being some what excited for school to start... new pens, pencils, crayons, markers, notebooks, new shoes, etc. 

The summer ending also meant that we had to have the painful experience of trying on new uniforms, preemptively patching the knees so they don’t get blown out on the playground, realizing that flip-flops were not part of uniform code, and seeing the supply of popsicles quickly dwindle!

What I look forward to most now about school is that I’m entering my final year of seminary!

It sure is hard to believe how quickly time flies

My last day at Blessed Sacrament will be August 10th. I want to sincerely thank each of you for making me feel so welcome during my summer assignment. I have learned a ton from all of you, and look forward to possibly serving you in the future. 

Our parish is very special. I hope we realize that, and never forget it! I’ve heard from many people that they feel like they truly belong to a family here at Blessed Sacrament. Not all parishes are like this. This is the same experience that I have had during my short stay. 

I’d like to thank Fr. Jirak for his leadership, patience, and for offering me so many different opportunities this summer. He and the rest of the staff are here to serve you, the parishioners. Take advantage of them! 

I hope this isn’t good-bye, so, I’ll stick with see you later!

Deacon Josh

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