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Praised be Jesus Christ!

As I am sure most of you know, we at Blessed Sacrament are in the process of implementing our Parish Priority Plan which will serve as the “road map” for the next three to five years. Our three priorities are:

1) Cultivating Our Spiritual Life
2) Living the New Evangelization
3) Enhancing Our Sunday Mass Experience

One aspect of the priority of enhancing the Sunday Mass experience is that every part of the Mass be fulfilled and executed to the best of our ability in order to create the greatest atmosphere of prayer possible. This responsibility falls to each member who participates at every Mass, but in a particular way it is especially important for those who carry out a particular ministry at Mass i.e. lectors, cantors, ushers and servers. We have a long tradition of excellence in each of these areas but of course we will continue to strive to attain ever greater heights of perfection in the worship that we offer to God.

I would like to call attention to one particular group who assists us every week in our worship—the Mass Captains. The Mass Captain program is a group of high school aged men who undergo extensive liturgical training in order to be elite servers in liturgical worship, leading and overseeing the younger servers ensuring the smooth and reverent celebration of the Mass. In addition to liturgical service, the Mass Captains also come together on a regular basis to work together on service projects, and to enjoy recreational activities. Through the Mass Captain program, young men will develop leadership skills, reverence for, and understanding of the liturgy, a deepening of their identity as Catholic Gentlemen and most importantly, they will deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Last weekend, under the leadership of Dan Wetta, the Mass Captains had a sweet corn fundraiser where they went out and picked corn in West Sedgwick County, then offered it for a freewill donation after all the Masses. It was a huge success and the proceeds will be used to fund the Mass Captains formation and recreational activities. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Dan, and everyone who helped to make this such a success as well as to thank everyone who has supported our Mass Captains. These young men take their role at Mass very seriously and they do such a fine job serving which helps to add to the dignity and solemnity of our worship. So be sure to thank them for their role and the work that they do in assisting us in our worship.

In Christ through Mary,

Fr. Curtis

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