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My name is Renee Riter and I have the distinct pleasure of serving you as Stewardship Coordinator here at The Church of the Blessed Sacrament. Welcome to another school year at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church. Welcome to those of you who attend our parish school who are members of other churches.

Thank you.  Thank you for supporting this parish family through your gifts of time spent at Mass and in other prayer, for your gifts of talents to support our ministries and organizations, for your gifts of treasure that keep the lights on, pay salaries, support the sacraments and maintain many activities. Thank you for giving back of your first fruits of time, talent, and treasure to honor and glorify God. Thank you for your support of the mission of the Church. Thank you for forming your children in the Catholic faith.

I have realized that despite how much we speak about the Stewardship Way of Life and try to live it by example, there is always still much to learn.

Do you know? Canon Law states that every baptized Catholic has a right to a Catholic education? Parishes must provide catechesis and formation in the faith (PSR, CCD, Sunday School) 

Do you know? Education in a Catholic School is not a right?  It is a privilege. It is a privilege that Catholics outside the diocese of Wichita pay for with tuition of thousands of dollars for every child.

Are you aware? Outside of Diocese of Wichita, throughout Kansas and the United States that Wichita is the only diocese globally which supports its parish schools because of the stewardship of all parishioners and does not charge tuition. K-12 

Do you know? There are 1132 registered families at BS? There are 265 school families in our parish school? This parish does not exist because of the school.  Our Catholic grade schools and our Catholic high schools exist because of our parishes. Our parish schools could not be sustained by school families alone. 

Do you recognize? That we are one - we are The Church of the Blessed Sacrament. We are the Blessed Sacrament family. Our parish has over 70 ministries. Blessed Sacrament Catholic School is ONE of those ministries. Parish School of Religion is one of those ministries. Homeschool Group is one of those ministries.

Do you know? 71% of the parish budget pays for the Blessed Sacrament Grade School and our parishioners who are enrolled in a Catholic high school.

Thank you, again. Thank you for your support of our parish family's largest mission - our K-12 Catholic school education. Thank you for attending Mass at your home parish to bolster that support of the parish mission. Thank you for your sacrificial, planned and proportionate giving. Thank you for cleaning the church, maintaining our gardens, having a committed hour in the Adoration Chapel, singing in our Choir, bearing offertory gifts during Mass, hosting coffee and donuts, praying for one another, and serving those less fortunate through St. Vincent de Paul Society and The Lord’s Diner.

I invite you to join me in thanking the other ¾ of our parish family -who are not here this evening- who along with you, offer generous gifts of their time, talent, and treasure, so that we may pass on to each generation the greatest gift of which we are stewards: The Catholic Faith. We can show our gratefulness by joining them in fellowship and service to others, in worship at Mass together and by thanking God for them in prayer with our children.

I want to close with today's reflection from St. Teresa of Avila, Interior Castle.

What can we do for a God so generous that He died for us, created us, and gives us being? Shouldn't we consider ourselves lucky to be able to repay something of what we owe Him for His service toward us? 

May the joy of the risen Christ animate our lives and set our hearts on fire with the love of God, by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.


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