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Very soon our parish will be pressing full speed ahead with our Parish Priority Plan.  You have already heard bits and pieces of the plan and you have certainly noticed the painting of the Annunciation in the northwest corner of the church. The painting is the chosen image for our plan’s vision, which focuses on creating disciples and living the stewardship way of life.

I have asked members of the planning team to share their experience of the planning process and their take on the Parish Priority plan.  Katie Coffey’s reflection is the first.  More reflections yet to come.   

-Rev. John F. Jirak

Two years ago, a team was formed at Blessed Sacrament to create a plan that would make our good parish even better. Parishioner input was carefully combed through, and one thing was clear to our team: there were needs to be met within all facets of our parish.  

Upon this realization, we set forth to bring into light ways to personalize faith here at Blessed Sacrament, all the while keeping an arching umbrella of “meeting people where they are at.”  Every one of us encounters Christ in a different way.  We all crave to be special in His eyes, but our cravings are unique to who we are.  Three priorities arose out of our process, which do, and will, offer opportunities to grow in faith:  Cultivating Our Spiritual Life, Living the New Evangelization and Enhancing Our Sunday Mass Experience.

When Father Jirak asked me to be a part of the parish’s process to create the new Parish Priority Plan, he never mentioned that I, Katie Coffey, would be writing a letter blaring the love I have for my faith in this bulletin.  Back then, I would have said, “no way.”   However, helping to build a new Parish Priority Plan the last two years has also built new structures within me.  I had to spend time and seek out new ways to fill my “reservoir,” as Father Jirak puts it.  This allowed me to have the ability to let my faith life overflow into my family, friends, and now you, my parish family.  

On behalf of the Parish Priority Team, and the leaders of our new priorities, I say to you, “Come, follow me.”  Come, follow me to increase Christ within yourself, your family, and outside of the Blessed Sacrament walls.  Come, follow me and let the Holy Spirit work in ways that we have yet to realize, in order to meet people where they are at. 

In what way is Christ beckoning you?  I would love to know, so that I can follow you too.

-Katie Coffey

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