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Based on the cruel and tragic experiences of the during the civil war in Burundi.


In a world of mess

Millions run

To and fro

Not knowing to rest

When and where.

Many part dear

Never to be near

Lad and old

Left to wander.

Mums and girls

Mere toys for many

Shattered like flowers.

Hands of youth

Holds rifles to pen

Taught to hate and fight

Even to kill dear and near

Just to live.

Man worse to animals

Kill for nothing

Cut open pregnant woman

Hold in hands the babe

Upside down before mother

With ease cut him pieces 

Makes mother run naked.

Remain, we, passive today

With others, will suffer, tomorrow

World, for, with telecommunication, become, small.

Ups and downs, of some, affect us all

Jesus still knocks at Hearts

Seeks, always to be with us

Open, hearts and hands, for Jesus and needy

Babe, then, will fill us with Peace and Joy.


Fr. Zach MST    (Kasangezi – Kigoma, December 1997)

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