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The Missionaries of Africa (White fathers) have developed a beautiful missionary cooperation culture: every White father is a Mediator between his home parish and his mission in Africa.

  • They always partner with the Missionary by their daily prayers for Missions: they always keep his hands up as Aaron did with the hands of Moses on the mount at Rephidim during the war between king Amalek and Israelites (Exodus 17: 08-16).
  • Volunteer to be part of different Mission programs which are mutually beneficial for deepening of faith and life.
  • Support various Mission programs with necessary resources by sharing their Time, Talents and treasure.
  • Make/Arrange mutual visits to share and grow together in the richness of culture and values of family and Faith by sharing.

In a nutshell, Missionary cooperation is mutually beneficial to grow in prayer life, deepen faith, family values and grow closer to others and thereby to God.

God gives us what we long and pray for. Coming to Blessed Sacrament, for a short term, is one of my recent blessings. 

During my sabbatical programme in Jerusalem, March 9th to June 9th 2014, I was longing and praying to do pastoral ministry for the rest of my sabbatical period. Consequently, as soon as I returned, God brought me to Blessed Sacrament for Pastoral Ministry. I sincerely thank Bishop Kemme for inviting and assigning me to the best parish of the diocese of Wichita, with Fr. Jirak who wholeheartedly welcomed, supported and provided ample opportunities for extensive pastoral ministry with brotherly concern. Asante, Fr. Jirak.

Throughout my stay at Blessed Sacrament I heard many say: “I am proud to belong to B.S.; It is my family; I would never want to go to another parish.”

It is true, Blessed Sacrament is special due to the commitment of her children for adoration and the practice of stewardship. As long as the hearts of these children are directed to God and their hands are opened for sharing, no doubt, the parish will become one family and her members become brothers and sisters. Hearty Congratulations to each of you for your wonderful Koinonia (excellent and exemplary faith practices). During my stay here I always felt at home because of your Love, Care, support and hospitality. Asanteni Sana.

God bless your needs and dreams,

Fr. Zach, MST

P.S. My Email address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  I assure you a reply for each mail (even if it will be late). Asante.

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