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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new Eucharistic Adoration Lead, Angie Holladay:

“I am Angie Holladay and my family have been members of this parish since we married in 1983. Both my kids attended Blessed Sacrament and KMC; they are now married and living outside of the state, but Mike and I continue to call Blessed Sacrament ‘home’. Fr. Jirak asked me to lead this important ministry as Rose Kuhlman, who has led it for over 20 yrs, would like to take a step back. She did a marvelous job and I have big shoes to fill! Rose will continue as Day Coordinator on  Thursdays.”

In addition to our scheduled adorers, Angie pointed out to me that many parishioners are taking advantage of the adoration chapel by stopping in from time to time to pray before the Blessed Sacrament. This wonderful!

However, I would like to challenge all parishioners to sign up for an hour of adoration each week. It is a pillar of our Parish Priority Plan, here at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, to Cultivate the Spiritual Life. Making a commitment to an hour praying before the Blessed Sacrament would definitely help you, in Fr. Jirak’s words, to take your spiritual life to the next level! You do not need to be any kind of spiritual expert to have an adoration hour. I know this from experience, as I was somewhat forced to take an adoration hour in college. I didn’t have any direction as to what to do, but I just took that time to speak to the Lord and in a few weeks my relationship with the Lord became much stronger and very personal. When you sign up for an hour you are setting an appointment with God, blocking out time in your week that is just for Him. Trust me, God can use your commitment of time in adoration to bestow the gifts of faith and peace in abundance.

Angie also wanted me to mention that by signing up for an hour, it neither means that you can no longer visit at-will, nor that you can never take a vacation. We have a list of substitutes who are willing to step in when needed. So I challenge you once again to sign up for one hour of adoration each week. Of specific consideration are the multiple hours that have only one assigned adorer. These hours include the very early morning hours, daytime hours, and Saturdays.

To sign up for an hour, please call Angie Holladay at 316-633-6776 or speak to one of the day coordinators listed in this bulletin. God bless, Fr. Adam Grelinger

God bless, Fr. Adam Grelinger

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