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May we BORROW any of these items for the Altar Society Dinner on Tuesday:
****Fondue pots - any color size 
****Lava lamp
****DOC Martins in 7 1/2 Women's or larger
****World War 2 memorabilia, wartime photos of Parishioners or family members.  (Will be used on a food table as a centerpiece but they will be put in frames or scanned so that the originals won’t be exposed.) 

We would love to borrow any of the above by Monday evening. If you text/call Gretchen at 316.207.5107 she would gladly get them from you. All items will be returned after the event. 

We always do our very best to take care and protect all of the items that you lend us. However, if the item is a family heirloom or would break your heart if something was to happen to it, then, we would rather you not lend it to us because if there is an uforeseen accident we don't want you to lose a precious piece of your family's history. 
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