aBasketbalBlessed Sacrament Catholic School is a member of the Wichita Catholic School Activities League. Players and coaches view good sportsmanship and Christian-like behavior a higher priority than winning.

2018-19 practices can begin on October 22nd, 2018.

6th grade games will start with a preseason jamboree November 7th. Results of these games will be used to determine if teams play in the league upper or lower divisions.  6th grade league games will begin on December 8. They will play an 8 game schedule.

7th and 8th grade leagues will be based on 2017-18 records. First league games begin on November 10. They will play a 12 game schedule followed by a post season tournament. 

Post Season Tournaments will start February 9th.  Blessed Sacrament will host the 8th Grade Girls, Mount Carmel Division Tournament.


Coaches for 2018-19 are:

6th girls Brandon Martin and Luke Lutrell

6th boys Will Stuhlstaz

7th girls Weston Riordan

7th boys Debra Gann and Miles Powers.

8th girls Gregg Wolgast

8th Boys Matt Dalian and Tim Hand.


Congrats to the winners of the Blessed Sacrament Council completion. 

The following shooters will advance to the district completion on January 27th in the New Gym at 2 pm.

Harper Holovach, Lael Wetta, Phoebe Laufer and Cambell Riordan.

Madden Pham, Eli Peterson, Brody Bailey, Henry Orth and Beau Dalian.


The following won their division in the district completion on January 27th and will advance to the regional competition at Garden Plain High School at noon on February 17, 2019:

Harper Holovach, Cambell Riordan, Abbey Pedruzzi, Madden Pham, Eli Peterson, Jason Brokaw, Hank Orth, Beau Dalian and Michael Kieffer.

CSAL League:

Congrats to our 8th grade Girls for winning the Mount Carmel Division league Championship with a 11-1 league record.






School Activities

Complementing the academic curriculum, Blessed Sacrament offers weekly classes of Spanish, computers, music, PE and library.

Students can practice Stewardship through the following organizations:

School choir 5th-8th grade

Altar servers 5th-8th grade

School Safety Patrol 5th grade


Throughout the year students will have the opportunity to participate in the following competitive activities:

Scholar's Bowl 7th & 8th grades Competing with East side Catholic Schools

Battle of the Books 5th & 6th grades Competing with East side Catholic Schools

Geography Bee 4th-8th grades a national competition

Spelling Bee 4th-8th grades a national competition

Optimist Oratorical Contest 6-8th grades a national competition

Mind Storm robotics competition 6-8th grades a national competition

Kansas State tests

Duke Talent Assessment


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