2015 Tourney - Postponed

Under advisement from the Cessna staff that donated and takes care of the fields we are cancelling the tournament for tomorrow. The makeup date for the tournament is currently next Saturday June 20th.  Same place and time.  I will reconfirm all of the teams and volunteers this week.  I apologize for any inconvenience that this may caused and hope to see you next weekend.



Thank you,

Brian Norris

cell: 316-207-2032
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2014 Tournament Champions

Ray Sales, 2014 Blessed Sacrament Tournament Champions

2014 champs

2013 Tournament Champions

Team Wright, 2013 Blessed Sacrament Tournament Champions

2013 champions

2014 Rules

NOTE: Rule changes and clarifications for this year’s tournament are in bold.

  1. 1) We're here to raise money for the kids’ sports programs.
  • The umpires are donating their time.  Please play with that in mind during this recreational fundraising tournament.
  • NO metal spikes!!!
  1. 2) Players (must be 18 years old) may play for ONLY ONE TEAM.
  • Males and females bat in alternating order.
  • Must have 8 players (3 females) to start or play.
  • if only 3 females in lineup, 2 auto outs per batting rotation (example: M, F, M, F, M, F, M, out, M, out)
    • Maximum 5 males on defense at a time.
    • Extra male players may share a slot in the batting order, or team may bat females in order interspersed w/ males in order.
    • A team may play with only 4 males and NOT have an out (multiple females batting together is ok)
    • Each team makes a team member available to umpire/help while not playing.
  1. 3) Pitching:
  • The offensive team must supply its own pitcher
    • A designated pitcher (who does not bat) is allowed
    • 5 Pitches maximum (3rd strike foul is not an out, 4th is) NO WALKS.
    • Pitches must have arch (minimum: above batter’s head)
    • Pitcher must pitch somewhere behind marked line on field
    • Batted ball hitting offensive pitcher is a dead ball (NO pitch - replay the pitch)
    • Defensive pitcher must begin play within the base paths.
  1. 4) Games:
  • A maximum of 10 runs may be scored by a team per inning.
  • Run Rule: 15 after 3 innings, 10 after 5 innings
  • Game Time Limit:  50 minutes or 7 innings
  • Pool play - tie after one extra inning remains a tie
  • Bracket play – tie must be broken
  • Umpire’s clock is the game clock, and umpire has final discretion for calling the game
  • Max of 2 out of the park home runs per game. (A fair ball hit out of the park after 3 home runs is a single, runners advance one base only if forced)
  • Pinch running: a courtesy runner may be used twice per inning (one of each gender). The courtesy runner must be the player who was the last out, and of the same gender (if no outs yet, use previous M/F in batting order).
  • Scorekeeping: teams agree to batting orders in scorebooks prior to start of game
    • If someone arrives late, please inform other team
    • Uneven #’s of M/F in batting order can affect scorekeeping – keeping track of runs is most important
  1. 5) Pool Play:
  • Games are played against other teams within morning pools.
  • Teams are ranked by the following rules: 1) W-L Record 2) Head-to-Head (if applicable) 3) total LEAST runs ALLOWED, 4) total run differential, 5) Coin Flip
  • Once pool play has been completed, placement in the bracket portion of the tournament will be determined -- therefore: ALL GAMES COUNT!
  1. 6) Responsibility:
  • Anyone providing alcohol to someone underage or anyone underage that is drinking alcohol will be told to leave the complex immediately with no refund.
    • Team captains who have team members under 21, please be aware of your players’ activities, even after you have finished tournament play.
    • A wristband is required to be worn if you are drinking from the keg.

2013 Tournament Pics

A few pics from this year's tourney.
Thanks to official tournament photographer, Don Brinkman.










2012 Tournament Results

Below are the final results from the 2012 tournament.

Thank you again to all the partcipants, sponsors, and volunteers.

We couldn't have raised over $2,700 for the kids' sports program without you!

Mike Postiglione

2012 Results

2012 Tournament Pics

Here are a few pics from this year's tournament. Thanks to Don Brinkman for being the official tournament photographer this year.




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Contact Information

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When: Saturday, June 14, 2014

Where: Cessna Activity Center

2744 S. George Washington Blvd

Wichita, KS 67210


Any questions, please contact:

Name Brian Norris



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