From the Lunch Room

A few reminders: 

· if your student(s) order a hot lunch and bring a cold lunch for that day, they will be charged for the ordered hot lunch.  Please remember that our hot lunches are ordered a day in advance and the school is charged for every hot lunch ordered.  If your student is ill, you will not be charged.

· Students do not have access to a microwave so please do  not send them with items that need to be heated up.

· Please remember to check your PowerSchool accounts often for your student’(s)’ lunch balance.

· Fast food and sodas are not permitted in the lunchroom due to the Diocesan Health Policy

· Volunteers in the cafeteria may bring their own hat from home or a hair-net will be provided.  Also open toed shoes are not allowed.


School Hot Lunch Program

Applications for the Nutrition Program  must be filled out and turned in no later than September 30th.  You must re-submit an application each year to be reviewed for eligibility.  Please do not assume that your benefits will be the same as the guidelines have changed.  If you were eligible last year and an application is not received by the September 30th deadline, your status will revert to "Full Pay".


Lunch Cost/Times
$3.00 per lunch; $0.40 per milk
K, 1, 2 11:05-11:35 lunch; 11:35-12:00 pm recess
3, 4, 5 11:45-12:10 lunch; 12:10-12:30 recess
6, 7, 8 12:30-12:55 lunch; 12:55-1:13 recess (M, F)
  12:15-12:35 lunch; 12:40-1:00 recess (T,W,Th)
Adult Lunch - $3.40 per lunch

Lunch Menu

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