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All grade levels have now participated in Physical Education Class at least two to four times.

Grade levels K -2 have reviewed rules and procedures for Physical Education class.

Grade levels 3 - 8 have also reviewed rules and procedures for Physical Education class, and

how they will be graded.

Grade levels 6, 7, & 8 have practiced some of the skills involved in playing volleyball, and have

started playing a form of volleyball called "One Bounce Volleyball." This game involves most of the

same skills as regular volleyball, and allows those who have less experience, and who may be less

skilled, the opportunity to experience more fun and success than playing regular volleyball.

Grade levels K through 5 have been working on motor skills, and have had the opportunity

to play games involving specific motor skills. One of the fun games that students have

played in grades 2-5 is called "Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors."

Please feel free to contact me at school should you have any questions regarding your

student's participation in Physical Education class.


Thank you!!


All P.E. classes are off to a great start this school year!!

Most students have participated in at least four to five P.E. classes so far this year. The main focus of the first few classes were to have students learn and review the rules and procedures for class.  The P.E. rules and procedures are established in order to allow each student the opportunity to participate in a safe environment while they    are in class.


Please feel free to call me at school by phone or email should you have any questions                                         regarding your student's participation in P.E. class.                                                                                       

Thank you!


Welcome back all students to PE classes at Blessed Sacrament!

I am looking forward to seeing all students and excited to meet the students who are new to Blessed Sacrament this school year.

It should be a lot of fun playing games and performing activities that help develop skills and promote healthy physical fitness levels.

May God bless this school year

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