2nd Grade Scoop October

Second Grade Scoop





Language Arts

In Language Arts we are working on the 4 types of sentences:  telling, commanding, asking, and exclaiming.  We are also learning the 2 parts of a sentence; the naming and the action parts.  Keep working on the weekly Creative Writing assignments.  They're great!





The students are continuing to review math facts daily. We will be adding two-digit numbers by taking apart addends to make a number that ends in zero. This is a new way to teach this so it will take practice. The students will also regroup ones as tens and rewrite two-digit addition. Then  we will move into adding three and four digit lines. We continue to work on problem solving.





We are studying Baptism, ways to obey God our Father, the Ten Commandments, and preparing for our Savior.



We are finishing up with life cycles and are moving into different traits between apple and orange trees.  In the near future we will cover plants and seeds, characteristics of animal tracts, and air.

Social Studies


We will be covering map grids, classroom maps, map of the United States, and a street map

Watch the Baron Buzz for information about signing up for conferences toward the end of the month.

Last week we had a great field trip to Botanica and learned all about the migration of monarch butterflies. 


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