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I cannot believe it is the first day of Spring...  this year is flying by and your children are precious! 

We have some fun days planned in the upcoming weeks...field trip to the Wichita Art Museum where the children will see art, listen to a story, complete a craft, and spend time with friends outside of our classroom. 

Bike day will be on May 1st and the Wichita Fire Department will be making a visit to teach us about what to do and not to do in a fire.  It will be held on the blacktop parking lot south of the church.  We will need some helpers on that special day! 

Later in May, we will visit the library and have a picnic outside. 

Some simple tips to keep in everyday to your child.   Someday, they will read to you!  Pray everyday with your child. Someday, they will remind you to pray and their words will be heard (God tells us to ask and we shall receive!)  Teach your child to say please, thank you, and forgive me...these words will help them in their lives.  Laugh with your child each day (not at them, but with them...even if you don't find something particularly funny...they do!) 

Remember, they are only little for a short time...don't sweat the small stuff, tomorrow is a new day! 

God bless all of you...parenting is the most rewarding "job", the most challenging at times, and definitely the one most worth it! 

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