Ready for a New School Year!

Dear Parents,

The beginning of a new school year is always full of emotions and your children may be experiencing some of them.  They may not be able to put into words how they are feeling so you may see more crying, temper tantrums, and shyness.  This is all normal and as they become more comfortable with the routines and procedures at school, they will develop a sense of confidence and eventually a calm peace will settle in them.

I am so excited to meet your children and to get to know each of them.  Children are God's precious gift to us and your children will remind us to slow down and to enjoy this life!

You can help your child prepare for this transition to school by developing a bedtime and morning routine they can count on, visiting with and listening to them during the day, and reassuring them of your love.  

It will be a year full of growing, learning, trying, friendship making, and new experiences.  Please know of my prayers for you and that I am available to help in any way possible.  

God Bless you, Annette Saunders 

Mrs. Lisa Kuchinskas

Mrs. Lisa Kuchinskas
Preschool Aide


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