Preschool Homework?!

You are your child's first and most important teacher...Thank you parents for loving and diligently working with your children! They are precious and they learn every day!  Some ways for you to help them: 

*have at least one chore your child is responsible for each day...washing the front of the stove and refrigerator after dinner, putting all the clean silverware in the correct place, feeding the family pet, picking up their own toys, sorting socks and making pairs, etc!  They feel so good being able to contribute in such a way!

*encourage them to spread the butter on a piece of toast or pancake, open their own snack, fold their bath towel, put on their own shoes, etc...anything they can do themselves, please encourage them to do so. 

*expect them to sit at the dinner table for at lease 15 minutes with you...with that being said...PLEASE make family dinner time a priority...put away all electronics and talk with your child.  Find out their favorite color, something that makes them laugh, their favorite toy, something that makes them feel afraid. will both benefit from these precious moments! 


These days of 4 year old innocence will not be here forever...make the most of each day!

God bless you all!

Mrs. Lisa Kuchinskas

Mrs. Lisa Kuchinskas
Preschool Aide


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