We have been busy in third grade! In Religion, we have been studying about Jesus' ministry and have learned the Luminous Mysteries. That has led us into the season of Lent. We have discussed what we will sacrifice during Lent, but also what we will do extra. We will be studying the Sorrowful Mysteries soon.

We have combined reading stories about weather with stories about other cultures. We are able to add to our reading by using Scholastic News. The articles in there are fun and about what is going on in the world today. In Social Studies, we have studied local and state government. In Chapter 7 we will study national government and what goes on in Washington D.C. In January after our study of wheat farming, we spent an afternoon baking our own loaf of bread. We had lots of parents come to help us.

In Math, we are adding a new set of multiplication facts every week. Third graders should be practicing their facts every night. We continue to review fractions during the week. We are beginning the study of area and perimeter. This a challenging chapter, but the biggest thing to remember is the LABELS.

In Science, we are studying the PLANETS! This is a favorite every year and involves a project. Students will create a planet and also fill out a news article called Planetary News. The project involves research and help from parents. It is due March 13.

Another favorite active was Grandparent Bingo! Grandparents and parishioners were invited for an afternoon of Bingo with the third graders. This was our Valentine celebration. There were treats and prizes in abundance. The best part was spending time with grandparents. 

Third Grade News

Before Thanksgiving, the third grade spent the week listening to Little House on the Prairie. We try to listen every year, and then expand to other Little House books. We also started a Sacraments folder which we finished after Thanksgiving. It involved lots of cutting and gluing, but it really helped us learn the Sacraments. The third grade can also sing a song that helps them remember the Sacraments.

December has lots of new areas of study. We presented our totally awesome animal reports before Thanksgiving and we are finishing our study of animals with a test on Thursday, December 14. In Math, we are learning all about fractions and beginning our study of multiplication tables. The twos were a little scary at first, but by the end of the week we were speeding right through our fact sheets. In reading, we are exploring many different types of weather, including hurricanes and tornadoes. That will be complimented by our study of weather in Science in the spring.

The most important area of study is Religion. We are talking about Advent every day and doing many Advent activities. One of our favorite things to do at the end of the week is Lectio Divina. We listen to the Gospel for Sunday and discuss how it affects our lives and how we are trying to live what the Gospel teaches. 

Our Christmas program is Thursday night in the Old Gym. See you there!

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