Second Grade Scoop November

Second Grade Scoop

Monthly Specials

Language Arts

We are starting common and proper nouns, singular and plural nouns, possessives (both singular and plural), and compound words.  We are continuing weekly 6 Trait Writing stories in our spirals as we work on organization and conventions.  The stories are getting better and are more polished!


As we move into Chapter 6 which is working with hundreds and thousands, please continue to practice double digit adding and subtracting. In this new chapter, the students will be working with place value to the hundreds and thousands. Also, please make sure your children show their work when doing story problems.


We just introduced the Ten Commandments.  We will spend more time on them after Christmas in preparation for First Reconciliation.  We have just started the introduction of mortal and venial sin.  We continue to talk about angels.


We are entering a new unit on atmospheric air, how air moves, the amount of water on earth, and the weathering of the earth.

Social Studies

Our upcoming units will include street maps, picturing the United States, road map of Nebraska, and a world map.



Please study spelling words every night.  You may turn in your child's stewardship form to us at any time.  Second graders only need a total of 2 hours of stewardship for the whole year.  Thanks to all the parents who helped with the Halloween party. It was great! 



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