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Second Grade Scoop


We would like to welcome all of our returning and new 2nd graders and their families back to school. We are looking forward to providing a quality education and challenging your children while helping them increase their faith and love for God. It will be most exciting to receive two sacraments this year.

At this time, please make sure that you have gone over the school handbook with your child (front of the agenda), sign it, and send it back to school  as soon as possible. A note came home about our $1.00 jean days. You will have the option to pay for the whole year or each time as they come.  Watch for pizza forms that will come home when we have pizza days!

We will soon be sending home information about our trash bag fundraiser. Check the website for turn in dates. Each week a Friday folder will come home with the weekly papers and notices. On the front will be the behavior marks and comments for the week. Please go over these papers, make any corrections, sign the folder, and send it back on Monday.

We are looking forward to a great year!





Language Arts


With our Open Court Reading Series, we are working on Cause and Effect in a story, writing an Opinion piece, common and proper nouns, compare and contrast facts from the story, and Inflectional ending "-ed". In the near future, we will be sending home a spiral notebook for the students to write short stories  following the Six-Trait + 1 Writing Model.




Our Math series called "My Math" follows the guidelines of the new Common Core standards.The first Unit is covering addition properties (Commutative and Identity), counting on to add, doubles and near doubles facts, making a ten on a ten frame, and problem-solving strategies. We teach the concept and do a page together. Then the students do a page on their own and we grade it together. Finally a homework page will come home each night reviewing the skill. In place of flash cards, we are using Math Mad Minutes. Your child will bring home a worksheet each night with 30 math facts on it. Students should work toward finishing them in 2 minutes. The same page will be used all week with a quiz on Thursday. We will send home Math vocabulary words and definitions that they need to know and will be tested on at the end of each chapter. They will come home in one of the two zipper bags. We will move quickly into subtraction and counting back.




Our first couple of chapters talk about how God made each one of us special and unique in His eyes. God had no beginning and will have no end. The Bible is make up of two parts; the Old Testament and the New Testament. Chapter 2 is all about the Blessed Trinity and the 3 Persons in one God. Chapter 3 will explain the order of creation and how God wants us to do our best to take care of what He has given us.



The students seem to like science very much! We have a short daily science lesson and the first unit is focusing on Earth Science. Some of the topics include learning Science tools to use, Science Safety, learning about our Earth, Water, and Weather.

Social Studies

In this subject we are introducing the students to many areas of Social Studies. Some of the specific topics include: Where is the United States, rules and responsibilities, good citizens, and history and time.




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