First Light, Then Dark

Despite many days of rainy weather, we received enough sunlight to grow our lima bean plants. It is always interesting to see which plants grow and which plants don't. It is also a challenge between the two third grades to see whose plants grow bigger. This year Mrs. Jessen's class won.

We had a celebration of the end of quarter 1 and the success of getting our AR points. On Friday, we celebrated Flashlight Friday. The room was dark, we brought out pillows and blankets, and were able to read for an hour. The start of quarter 2 requires a new set of 5 points to add to the points earned in quarter 1. 

In November, we will be tested on knowledge of the basic prayers. We begin a study of landforms in Social Studies, and animals in Science. We continue subtraction in Math. Please review subtraction facts. In reading, our stories are about the weather. Our Religion book talks about Jesus being our Savior and how God keeps His promises.

Sprinkle Kindness

 We are trying to sprinkle kindness in all we do in third grade. This was our art project where we wrote ideas for being kind on the sprinkles of the doughnuts.

We have had our first Social Studies test. Next week we will have our first Math and Science test. We are studying facts, learning cause and effect, and practicing writing complete sentences. We learned about St. Francis this week. Next week we will learn about Mary and the Joyful Mysteries.

Keep reading AR books and keep being kind!

Third Grade 2018-19

Welcome to another school year! I am excited to be teaching your children this year. We are off to a great start! Third grade has lots of new and different things to do. The first is that trip up the stairs calling for a little more independence and a little more responsibility. 

Our first Science unit is on Soil and Plants. In Social Studies, we are studying communities. We start Math with place value and Reading with stories about respect. In Religion, our first unit is on Abraham and Ruth. A big change this year is our concentration on Virtues. Our virtue for the year is KINDNESS. That will be popping up in homilies, art projects, and class discussions. Hopefully you can incorporate Kindness in discussions at home also.

Thanks so much for all the donations from my wish list. You have helped me so much. I was overwhelmed with all the birthday cards from the kids. It made my birthday special. Please contact me through email or a note if you have any questions.

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