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Music Grades:

We're still reviewing concepts from last year and catching up new students.  No new rhythmic or melodic concepts have been added yet this year.  However, many students are unhappy with their current grades in Music class.  Most of the difficulty seems to be with following directions on worksheets!  I am allowing students to correct any mistakes for FULL CREDIT as long as they remember to turn their corrections back in.

If your student needs to improve their Music grade, encourage them to take advantage of this!  I also have extra copies they can redo if they have misplaced the original.


Composer of the Month: Gustav Holst

Holst is an English composer most famous for his orchestral suite, The Planets.  We will spend one week studying each planet, so Holst will be our composer for September and October.

So far we have studied Mars, the Bringer of War:



And Venus, the Bringer of Peace:


Next week we'll be studying Mercury, the Winged Messenger.



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