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It’s that time of year again, don’t let it pass you by! This weekend we are holding our annual Stewardship Fair; but unlike last year, it will take place in Bishop’s Hall after each Mass. Throughout the country people wonder how the Catholic Diocese of Wichita is able to provide tithing based education for Kindergarten through High School. They are also amazed at the number of priestly and religious vocations we’ve been blessed with over the last few years. Multiple factors contribute to these blessings, but an overarching reason is the stewardship way of life we try to live. The Stewardship Fair is an opportunity for you to celebrate some of the fruits that flow from this commitment here at Blessed Sacrament.

As many of you know, there are a great number of ministries offered in our parish. Some of these you are very familiar with, while others function more behind the scenes. The Stewardship Fair is an excellent opportunity to become more familiar with our vibrant parish life. God has blessed us abundantly in countless ways, but in order to receive and enjoy these blessings we must foster the continued spirit of gratitude. As we stayed committed to the stewardship way of life, it is helpful to know the various ways in which one can give back by participation in the ministries offered in our parish. The Stewardship Fair serves this purpose.

Finally, we all know people who may not be plugged into the parish to the degree that God is calling them. Some people simply do not know what is available or what would enrich their spiritual life. By familiarizing ourselves in the ministries offered in our parish, we in turn are more equipped to invite and encourage others to participate alongside us. If you consider yourself blessed to be active and engaged here at Blessed Sacrament, give thanks to God by helping others enhance their own lives by fully engaging the stewardship way of life.

Dei Gratia,

Fr. Andrew Bergkamp