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The teams listed below are made up of parishioners who have graciously accepted the task to begin implementing our parish priorities. They cannot do this alone. We are all called to be reservoirs of faith and to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.
Please prayerfully consider how you, as an individual, can participate in our Priority Plan. Pray for our parish. Ask the Lord to bless us and to make us faithful stewards of God’s gifts.
Enhancing the Sunday Mass Experience Cultivating the Spiritual Life Living the New Evangelization
Father Drew Heiman
Ben Dunlap
Tara Fiebach
Michelle Martin
Dan Hickerson
Amanda Bina
Austin Powers
Machelle Good
Johnny Riter
Jennifer Hickerson
Brenda Munds
C.Y. Suellentrop
Jim Marks
Teri Marks
Andy Churray
Jeremy Barr
Phil Carrillo