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Living the New Evangelization

As Fr. Jirak mentions in the video this week, a priority of our Parish Priority Plan is to live the New Evangelization. We who have encountered Christ strive to go forth boldly to proclaim Christ crucified and risen from the dead. This is not a Gospel we are ashamed of, but the truth we are proud of; a truth which is perennially relevant to all people at all times. However, it may be easy for us to talk about the New Evangelization, yet challenging to live. Through the efforts of our team assembled to advance this parish priority, we intend to aid all parishioners to know how to share the faith and to be confident in doing so. We are all stewards entrusted with the the saving truth of Jesus Christ and His Church. Together let us take up our important task of living the New Evangelization, for the greater glory of God and the salvation of souls.  -Father Adam

Father Jirak New Evangelization from Randi Marino on Vimeo.

Purpose of Parish Priority Plan

In this week’s video from Father Jirak to the parish, he speaks of our parish priority plan being oriented towards a completely enhanced stewardship mindset. We know that we were created by God and for God so that we might reside with Him in Heaven, enjoying perfect happiness one day. That deep desire in us for happiness still longs to be satiated here on earth, and through trial and error, we know that ultimately only the love of Christ is able to begin quenching that longing. But even the love of God will not enter into our hearts, minds, and souls unless we make room for it, clearly the clutter from our lives and actively opening ourselves up to God. 

When the rich young man from the Gospel asks Jesus, “What more must I do to inherit eternal life?” he is simultaneously asking, “what else can I do in order to encounter the love of God?” If we recognize our desire for happiness and our need for God’s love, we too must ask, “what more must I do?” This question should not come from a false need to be active just for the sake of being active, but from an authentic passion to serve God and neighbor and to encounter more fully the love of Christ. The more this becomes a reality in our parish, the more our stewardship way of life will be enhanced and elevated.  - Father Andrew